Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Podcast(5-22-08) "The Fifth Element"

Welcome to the latest podcast of Global Suplex, I'll call this one "The Fifth Element", and for the whole hour I have quite a mindblowing guest to talk about the recent disasters in Myanmar and China; and how it relates to the global agenda.

1 hour, 17 minutes
"The Fifth Element: Disasters and the global agenda"
Date: May 22nd, 2008
Guest: Rooster(long time researcher/investigator/whistleblower)

Global Suplex Podcast 5-22-2008(mp3 form)


Myanmar Cyclone, Chinese Earthquake, San Diego Fire, Katrina, Tsunami
Star Gates
The Fifth Element
2012 Myan Phrophecy
9/11, and the connection to Oklahoma City
George HW Bush
Food Crisis/Missing bees
Secret societies
Hidden symbolism and numerology

Agenda 21 UN document (elite UN globalist program to enslave)
Connecting The Dots (Youtube short: From 9/11 to WACO to OKC, to Katrina...the grid of America unveiled)
CNN: Who Gets To Live, Who Gets To Die (CNN showing who will die or live in a pandemic)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Global Suplex May 15th Podcast Mp3 Up!

Just finished my first podcast, so here it is for people:
(The podcasts for now will be about an hour, with some songs interspersed)

1 hour, 6 minutes 26.7 mb
"Debut Episode: Mindmapping and AI"
Date: May 15th, 2008
Guest: Danny Montenegro(movie/television visual effects artist)

Global Suplex Podcast 5-15-2008(mp3 form)

The theme of the episode is mindmapping and AI. I start off the podcast going over the latest headlines and a little of my deeper interpretation. I then have on longtime industry visual effects artist Danny Montenegro to talk about a little history of mindmapping, the latest programs for mindmapping, and a little bit about AI(artificial intelligence) and where it's headed.


Artificial Intelligence
Military and Commercial AI applications
Mark Lombardi
Michael Crighton

Snog "The Last Days Of Rome"
Einsturzende Neubauten "The Interim Lovers"
Phillip Glass "Koyaanisqatsi"

links: (free mindmapping program) (free mindmapping program) (mindmapping deep politic artist) (free 9/11 film involving
9/11 and mindmapping of deep politics)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Thursday, The Global Suplex Podcast Launches!

I've been trying to figure out the best way to start a streaming online radio show, but for now I'll be doing a regular podcast(a few times a week)

The podcast will explore all manners of deep global politic, coverups, globalization, contextual history of the military industrial complex, metaphysics and the esoteric,
technology, the future, ancient religions and cultures, consumerism, consciousness, and how it all ties together.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Problem Reaction Solution

Well as Fox News and members of the neocon administration champion the call to war with Iran, I thought I'd take a quick look at all the events that conveniently happened
to pull the US and other powerful countries into war as well as cause other things.

On February 15th 1898, the USS Maine mysteriously explodes in the Havana harbor. Spain is immediately blamed, initiating what's known as "Yellow journalism". Thus begins the impetus of the US war with Spain. There remains over a century later much controversy, as many historians believe
the ship was intentionally blown up from within.

In 1907, a group of wealthy international bankers spread rumors of a financial collapse in the newspapers, causing the "Panic of 1907", which was heavily incited by deliberate manipulation of the markets. This paved the way for bills that were previously halted and of course the Federal Reserve

In 1915, German U-boats sank the Lusitania, killing 1200 Americans. This was the act that brought the US into the German-English(World War 1)
It has come to light that those within the UK and US government that wanted a pretext for the US to enter the war, intentionally had the giant cruiseliner sent to known hostile waters, had ammunitions on board, and
advertised to Germans that it was coming.

February 27, 1933: The Reichstag Parliament building in Germany is burned down, initiating Hitler and the Nazis total take over of the state and their march toward war and genocide. A lone incoherent naked Dutch communist was blamed, but many historians believe much of the damage came from within the building itself and was set by the Nazis. As a result, civil rights, free speech, political dissent, etc were all curbed...and the attack was used to spur on invasion after invasion with the scapegoating of a whole race and religion of people.

On December 7th 1941 the US fleet at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii was mercilessly attacked by Japanese bombers. However, it turns out FDR as well as people within the administration may have not only known the attack was coming, but were ordered to do everything in their power in the months leading up to incite and provoke the attack.

August 4th 1964: The US claims that the Vietnamese attacked their ships in the Gulf of Tonkin. The incident did not take place, yet the White House cooked up a story to sell to the public, initiating the Gulf of Tonkin resolution that got the US into the war...killing 58,000 US servicemen, wounding/psychologically scarring many more, and killing a couple million Vietnamese

On June 8th 1967 Israel tried for hours to sink an American ship called the USS Liberty during the six day war. New evidence has surfaced through survivors, tapes, declassified information, etc that LBJ recalled the US war planes that were being sent to ward off the ISraeli aggression. It's now believed that the attack on the USS liberty by Israel was not a mistake, but possibly a plan by the US and Israel to blame the attack on Egypt, thus bringing America into the war.

In September 1999, a series of explosions rocked Moscow and outlying areas, apparent terror attacks which leveled buildings and killed hundreds. Chechyns were immediately blamed, and Putin used this to crackdown on all Chechyns living in Russia and began the start of the second Chechyn war...a war which killed over 200,000 innocents in Chechyna. It has since come out
that the deadly terror attacks were carred out by FSB intelligence operatives as part of a false flag attack. This has been backed up by the fact civilians caught the FSB operatives trying to blow up a fourth apartment building, the bomb leading back to those used in the other attacks and the subsequent whistelblowing of people within the FSB. Chechyns had nothing to do with the attacks, but the damage was done. Since then, a lot of the journalists and government whistleblowers who have tried to expose this false flag attack in the mainstream have been killed.

On September 11th, 2001 four commercial jetliners slammed into the world trade center, the pentagon US millitary nervecenter, and a field in Pensylvania. By the end of the day, World Trade Towers 1, 2 and 7 were gone and a lot of downtown Manhattan lay in damage with the public in total horror. This attack led to the US invading Afghanistan and Iraq, and basing countless policies and ideologies on this event. However, it's come to light that higher ups within Pakistan's intelligence and Saudi intelligence were controlling and funding the 19 hijackers. As well, the US government's Able Danger program at the Pentagon had been tracking ringleader Mohammed Atta and several others. All through 2001, the FBI had been told hundreds of times not to go after terrorists training at US flight schools, or to go after Osama or Saudi terror funding.

Finally, in July of 2006, Israel began a blitzkrieg of Lebanon, destroying large portions of Beirut and souther Lebanon. This was done as a response to Hezbolla allegedly kidnapping two Israeli soldiers from Israel. Turns out, the two IDF soldiers were captured on Lebanese soil where they were sent. The strike on Lebanon had been planned for at least six months and had Washington DC approval.

So when the globalist puppetmasters known as the Council on Foreign relations warn of "Al Qaeda staging a false flag attack to blame on Iran to get the US into war" has to wonder, who do they mean by "al Qaeda"?

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Wallstreet Journalist And The Ugliest Secret

While people are making a bunch of noise about Jolie playing a woman of color in the upcoming new film A Mighty Heart, the BIG story is getting unnoticed. The film is about the kidnapping of American Wallstreet Journalist reporter Daniel Pearl by Islamic extremists in Pakistan, and his wife Mariane Pearl's search for truth and justice.

The ugly secret? That, Daniel Pearl(and from it sounds like his widow) along with others in the book of A Mighty Heart...have some suspicions regarding September 11th, as well as the role of Pakistani ISI.

This is a direct quote from pages 183-184:

(this is regarding the man who was said to be responsible for Pearl's death Omar Saaed:

It's become clear that Omar doesn't know where Danny is. That's never been his role. He was the lure; others are the captors. Who's in that group? Omar has served up the name of a go-between, the man who's had contact both with Omar's cell and the kidnapping team. That's a start. But who is overseeing it all? Who pulls all the strings?

I think about things like this: Who told Omar that Danny is Jewish? Who had that information to give?

Information flies out of the Internet. I am amazed to find how much is circulating out there about Omar and his apparent links to both Al Qaeda and the ISI. I read that the U.S. embassy in Islamabad asked the Pakistani government to hand over Omar on January 21--two days before Danny was kidnapped. The reason given for the U.S. request was that the 1994 kidnapping included an American citizen. But it seems clear to me that the U.S. authorities wanted to follow up on a much more disturbing trail. I read a news report from October that claimed the FBI had found "credible links" between Omar Saeed Sheikh and then director of the ISI Lieutenant General Mahmood Ahmed. It was alleged that it was Ahmed who instructed Omar to wire the $100,000 to Mohammad Atta.

I read too that disclosure of this finding led to Ahmed's dismissal as the head of the ISI by President Musharraf on October 7, 2001.

So it appears Omar may have been associated with both the head of ISI and Al Qaeda.
He surrendered to another former ISI officer who held him in custody for a week until just one day before Musharraf met with President Bush. Just in time for Musharraf to go before Bush and the American press and, pointing to the "arrest" of Omar Sheikh, declare, "We are as close as possible to getting [Danny] released."

Questions bounce back and forth in my brain like a Ping-Pong ball gone wild. The distinctions between good and bad, government organizations and terrorist organizations, are not simply fading; they seem to be faces of the same coin.

Did Musharraf know Omar was in custody? Could he not know?

The CIA (God only knows what their position is here) didn't know? Which of Omar's ex-ISI friends are involved and to what degree?
What about Brigadier Abdullah, responsible for the Kashmir Cell of ISI before his dismissal by Musharraf during the recent purges of the organization. Is he involved, too? Does he work for Osama bin Laden? What was Omar promised in exchange for his arrest?


Gee, I wonder if this will be in the movie? Even toward the end of the HBO documentary on Pearl's kidnapping called "The Journalist and the Jihadi", as well as the book "Who Killed Daniel Pearl", it appears Pearl was killed for finding out that Pakistani ISI controls al Qaeda and was involved in 9/11.
When KSM "confessed" he killed Pearl and was a part of 9/11, he was correct. Only, he was being puppeteered by the ISI. And I wonder who the ISI answers to?

In Page 31 Marianne Pearl writes:

Corruption is endemic among the Pakistani police; that's a story Danny and I have been researching for months. In fact, it's possible that calling the police is precisely the wrong thing to do now. Can we call Pakistani intelligence? ISI, Inter-Services-Intelligence--the role of the agency is so murky, frightening. We've heard it called "a kingdom within a state"; we know that little happens in this country without ISI knowing about it. But what if they're involved?

It's no wonder ISI has been behind the Taliban resurgence, is helping to protect Osama, and is linked to so many terror attacks.

Pages 27 thru 30 of her book go into how her and Daniel were told by top ISI officials that it was "Israeli Mossad" behind 9/11, and regardless if there really's clear that between people like General Mahmoud Ahmed, RG Abbas, Omar Sheikh, etc 9/11 had ISI complicity all over it.

As a side note of irony, Marine writes on page 30:

In Pakistan, Danny reported, pilots, scientists, and experts had gathered for analysis, and they had all concluded that the attacks could not have succeeded without the help of American intelligence services or the Israelis. "Pakistani air force officers casually opine that 'Mossad is the only one that could do it.' Respected newspapers in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates run news items suggesting authorities suspect some Israelis of involvement in the attack... One Pakistani commentator told the BBC Friday that America's belligerent attitude 'gives credence' to conspiracy theories spreading on the Internet."

Ironically, its been exposed in the mainstream that Saudi Arabia was involved in 9/11, and Bush is covering for it.
Saudi Arabia was involved in 9/11, and Bush is covering for it. It's also been widely shown that the United Arab Emirates was involved in 9/11 as well as directly funding al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden. These say royals and officials in bed with al Qaeda of course regularly meet with the Bush administration. What's going on here?

Thanks to Jon Gold for transcribing pages from the book. Check out the trailer here for the movie coming out soon.

Is Al Qaeda Into Numerology?

Let's look at the big "al qaeda" attributed terror attacks from 9/11 to recently:

9/11 (11 years to the day after bush sr's nwo speech)
3/11 (911 days after 9/11, the 2004 Madrid Spain attacks)
7/11 (2006, confirmed to be the work of pakistani ISI in mumbai india)
7/7 (MI6 Haroon Aswat masterminded 2005 london attacks)
10/7 (tourist hotels in the Sinai in Egypt in 2004)
4/11 (Algeirian capital attack this year)
11/9 (2005 attack in jordan, mirrors the date "9/11")
7/23 (2005 bombings in Egypt)

These are the bulk of the most famous and well known post 9/11 terror attacks blamed on "al Qaeda". Notice anything about the dates?

Is it me, or does "al Qaeda" have a fixation with the number 11 and 7? And if not al Qaeda...perhaps, a signature of whose REALLY behind the attacks?
I know people roll their eyes at the numerology stuff, but come on.

Even ABC News ran a story wondering what's up with the symbolic patters of the dates chosen for these attacks. ""There's a lot of symbolism involved when terrorists choose their targets and the dates of their attacks," said Jack Cloonan, a former FBI agent on the bin Laden squad who now works as an ABC News consultant."Who knows?" said Cloonan.
Oh there is definately a lot of symbolism when terror dates are chosen...I guess it just depends who one thinks the terrorist masterminds are. While there was a 16th century secret occult order out of Afghanistan called the Roshaniya(that allegedly was one of the inspirations for Adam Weishaupt's Illuminati)I see no evidence that "jihadi Wahabists" are into occult numerology. No, that seems to be a specialized flavor of the not so Arab secret society globalists. Symbolism is everything, hidden in plain view. And I could devote pages and pages to the esoteric symbolism of Washington DC, the back of the one dollar bill, government building architecture, corporate logos, etc...but that's for a different time.

Let's look at 9/11 for instance:

An attack on the 11shaped twin towers, which were 110 stories tall,
initiating the attack with Flight 11 *ON* 9/11 exactly 11 years to the date after Bush Sr's "new world order" speech...AND 11 years before
2012, when the 1776 feet tall freedom tower obelisk rises on the souls of 3000 sacrificed souls. 9/11 was also 60 years to the day after ground was broke for the pentagon.

I found this online which I found interesting:
The number 11 has been linked to mystery and power since ancient times. All forms of number research and study, including Numerology, the ancient science of Gematria, and the secret wisdom of Kabbalah, all give significant importance to 11, and 11 derivatives - 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, and 99. The number 11 is considered a master number. The overwhelming quantity of elevens, surfacing from the events, people, and places related to the 9-11-2001 attacks, is remarkable. It is as if someone planned the events to occur around the number eleven. If it was
not planned, then the coincidence of the numbers, seems even more mysterious and improbable.

Just to get a little bit deeper with 9/11:
Beginning with American Airlines Flight 11,
the other three planes had a sequential order:
United Airlines Flight 93 9 + 3 = 12
United Airlines Flight 175 1 + 7 + 5 = 13
American Airlines Flight 77 7 + 7 = 14
In my view, 9/11 was ultimate regardless of who physically pulled it off, a massive occult megaritual. The towers of course representing the Boaz and Jachin pillars of Solomon's temple, and the Pentagon with it's heavy symbolism. The Twin Towers and Pentagon nicely fit within the Kabbalic tree of life. There's a really thought provoking 10 minute short on youtube that goes into all the esoteric symbolism of the Twin Towers and Pentagon here.

lets look at the assassinations

JFK = 11/22
MLK = 4/4
RFK = 6/6
Reagan attempt by Bush family friend = 3/30

hmmm, all dualities.

Is this how we know when something is the work of the global shadow elites?
Assassinations that happen on duality dates and terror attacks that occur with 7 or 11 in the date? Strange that most of the CIA predator hellfire drone missiles fired on Pakistani innocent villagers have happened on Friday the 13th or the 30th.

I wont go into how a lot of massacred and bombings get reported as "33" dead
(VA Tech, Algiers 4/11 attack, the initial 7/7 attack report on BBC, etc), tho "33" is one of the elite's favorite number: order out of chaos.
I used to think all this talk was crazy too, but I'm starting to wonder if maybe there is something more to it.

Now you wanna get really strange? One year to the day after 9/11, the New York State lottery ball numbers came out to be 9-1-1. As well, on the one year anniversary of 9/11, the Chicago stock market closed out at 9.11 Truth is stranger than fiction.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tony Blair Says Major Internet Clampdown Needed

According to mainstream reports, Tony Blair is now saying there needs to be a major new clampdown on internet journalist.

Is it me or is Blair on his way out WANTING people to see his Labor Party
as a total Orwellian authority? Forget the millions of CCTV cameras...
Tony Blair hinted today at new restrictions on internet journalism, saying online news coverage had become "more pernicious and less balanced" than traditional political reporting.
In a farewell lecture on public life, he said that much of the British media behaved like a "feral beast, just tearing people and reputations to bits".
"In fact, the new forms can be even more pernicious, less balanced, more intent on the latest conspiracy theory multiplied by five."

Ooh, did you get that? I guess there's too many "conspiracy theorists" running around online "posing as journalists", better clamp down on the net Chinese government style! Gee, I seem to recall the Blair/Bush government lying about WMD's in Iraq, and then Bush suggested a drone plane be painted in UN colors and hope it shot down over Iraq.
Good to see the false flag Tonkin spirit is alive and well. Oh, but people like me are the "conspiracy theorists", and the reason why the internet needs to get a major clampdown. :)